Better late than never…

Though I’ve been posting outfits, snaps from my travels on tour, and beauty tips around the Internet for a couple years now. After advice from a few supportive friends, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and create my own little space in the tangles of the web to talk about style, life, where I shop and what I think! I had more than a little anxiety about starting a “big girl” blog (no shade, tumblr) but memories of creating a notebook paper fashion magazine with my high school bestie and my total girlcrush Lisa Ling and her career kept pulling me back to the idea that communicating and helping ladies like me to look and feel their best is something that makes me so happy! I haven’t written much since studying for my undergrad in musical theatre 5 years ago, so any “readers”, please bear with me on that. Last but not least (How many stock phrases can I get in here?!) I’m a totally random and obsessive person so I can’t guarantee that between my outfit run downs and girly posts there won’t be an off the wall expose about whatever 20 year old disappearance cold case or conspiracy theory has caught my eye. Sorry in advance! 🙂


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