Forgotten Sundress


Does anyone else have the ridiculous problem of losing articles of clothing besides me? No? Well, to be fair, I have spent quite a bit of the last several years living out of a suitcase. I toured a lot of the country performing children’s theatre and we’d often be in several hotels a week so things inevitably got lost along the journey. My favorite little black dress was left in a dryer in Rutland, Vermont; the Levi’s I got a great deal on for my boyfriend got gone somehow in Wilmington, NC.  But that’s not the kind of stuff I’m talking about, really.  I mean those things that get shoved waaaaay into the back of the closet, or hung on a hanger under something else… Well something like that’s what happened to this great little sundress from American Eagle.  It’s from Lord knows how many seasons ago now, but I was so pleased to find it! It was almost like getting a whole new outfit for free…. Almost.


I was feeling kinda beachy (although it’s way too hot for the beach!) and wanted to be comfy and cute for my errands. These bright accessories shined up the look and made it more dressed up than I actually felt.


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Dress: American Eagle has sooooo many cute styles similar to this one Check them out!

Flip Flops: Rainbows, of course.

Bag: Mudpie Gifts

Sunglasses: Poshmark


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