Bad Blogger

I am the worst.  The absolute worst.  I don’t even deserve to call myself a blogger when I haven’t written anything longer than an instagram post in months!  For shame, for shame but I do have a bit of an excuse.

This Christmas Eve, I worked from home all day and Rob delivered the mail just like a normal work day.  We just made it to church in time to sing Carol of the Bells with our choir for the candlelight service. We went home to change afterwards (because it was a muggy Christmas in South Carolina) and then headed over to have a few drinks at a church friends home in downtown Conway.

On the way, I was telling Rob all about Homicide Detective Joe Kenda and what an interesting career he had (the true crime talk never stops y’all).  As we passed the beautifully lit Town Hall, Rob pulled over and said “Come on, let’s take your picture, it’s so pretty!” and I groaned an “okay”.


We walked over and he snapped a few pics before dropping to one knee and asking me to be his wife.  I said “of course” without even looking at the ring.



We celebrated that night with our church family and I could barely wait to  tell my parents the next day.


I’ve been spending my blog time on wedding planning, but I’ll share the wedding site link here once I get a little more content up there.


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