Tips For Vintage Modern Photos

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When it comes to having the perfect photo, we all want to try to have it stand out to our audience. Let’s face it, the vintage filter is past it’s prime right now. Remember when backgrounds were yellow and made your pictures look as if they were taken way back in the 90’s?! How retro!


Actually, when our smartphones first had cameras on them, they weren’t that great. They had low resolution which made your images look fuzzy, the colors seemed extremely washed out and they were a far cry from what our new average smartphone is capable of shooting and capturing today. Actually today our smartphone cameras are really one of the best cameras that people have ever and they allow for us to shoot some serious photography along with it. Some filters are elaborate but to really get the perfect shot, it’s not just about the filters but how you set up your shot with these tips!


Looking Presentable – If you’re thinking of a vintage look, you want to make sure you fit that profile. You’ll feel a lot more confident if your hair and makeup look the part and even feel a bit more creative to style the perfect outfit when everything looks presentable. Sometimes for a shot, I’ll even pack a few extra items in my purse such as safety pins incase some pieces need tending to, lipgloss for a final touch up and even hair ties if I’m getting too warm or want my hair up for certain photos.



Picking Your Outfit – When it comes to styling your outfit, you want to make sure you’re inspired by something. Take a look at Instagram or Pinterest to help give you some styling pointers or ideas that you think your followers would enjoy. Some of my favor
ite places to go when looking for a specific vintage outfits are thrift stores. They always have so many great items in stock and at an affordable price too! Some of my favorite outfits that are vintage inspired have been featured here …


Location – Now that you know how you’re hair and makeup are going to look and you’ve picked out the perfect outfit, the next thing you want is the perfect location. You can find either an actual location to be a reflection of what you’re envisioning or you can make your own! Does it fit your overall theme that you are trying to portray? Will the weather be an issue if you shoot there? What about the quality of lighting?  These are just some basic questions to ask yourself before you decide on an area to use.


Image: Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle Co

Add Props – A way to make your pictures more exciting is by adding some props to your shoot. They can be small props or big props depending on what you are thinking! Some other people will use flowers to put in their bags or even include cars! If you don’t feel like your clunker is something people would love to see, you could rent a car from a local limo company. One such company is called Lowcountry Valet and Shuttle and they are located in the South Carolina area. They have a wide variety of style cars that are perfect for styling a specific type of shoot, especially when it comes to vintage items! From luxurious limos, classic cars and more, the sky is really the limit when thinking of something to add some flair! You don’t have to just rent these cars but actually help you get from point a to be point b. The employees at Lowcountry and Shuttle Co are extremely friendly, personable and able to help answer any questions you have about styling for a shoot or grabbing a shuttle to your new fabulous destination!


Make Sure To Have A Schedule – Once your shoot is here you want to make sure you have everything you need. The night before, have all your outfits ready to go ( aka steamed and paired with our accessories and shoes ). Also, it’s best to have 4-5 looks to help you shoot for your upcoming week. Set up with your photographer on where to meet and the perfect time on when and where to shoot everything. The best lighting is usually between 6-7am or 5-6pm depending on the season for that glow you might be after.


Now that you have some great ideas for taking photos, what will you start with first!? Picking out the perfect outfit? Scouting a great location? Asking your best friend to take your photos? The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting the perfect shot but I think these great tips will help you bring your vision to life and attract a lot of conversation between you and your readers!


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