Cozy Holidays with Aerie

If you have been following along with me on insta, you probably saw how excited I was to be an Aerie Holiday Ambassador because I’ve been living in those leggings, honey!  As the winter season comes to a close (yesssssssssss), I just wanted to share my complete set of images from this fun collaboration.

As always, shout out to my husband for being a patient and willing photographer… MGG wouldn’t be possible without him!


IMG_0434_Facetune_08-11-2018-08-51-26 IMG_0428_Facetune_08-11-2018-08-21-46 IMG_0437_Facetune_08-11-2018-09-18-52 IMG_0465 IMG_0431_Facetune_08-11-2018-08-31-38 IMG_0308_Facetune_08-11-2018-09-30-44 IMG_0415_Facetune_08-11-2018-09-57-30 IMG_0481 IMG_0349_Facetune_08-11-2018-09-42-47

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