Valentine’s Day Lookbook

Why are the V-day style sections all lingerie and evening gowns?  I’m not going to a ball any time soon (boo) and I don’t take lingerie pics, although I love to follow Georgina Horne (FullerFigureFullerBust) and the like and read reviews! Here is a collection of my casual to low key glam romantic Valentine’s looks!  No matter what your plans, I promise you’ll find something to easily adapt, probably with pieces you already own!

Keepin it Casual


Not feeling red, pink and frilly today?  Opt for a fun vintage piece with a pop of ruby red.


Or channel an iconic female siren who makes just makes you feel sexy!  Its all about the silhouette… an off-shoulder top and flared skirt are instantly coy!


You can never go wrong in playful overalls with a polished top underneath. I adore the tiny heart print on this Lindy Bop top!

Pin Up Pretty

I’m forever inspired by the figure-flattering styles of the 1950’s… what better time of year to throw it back to a time of crinolines and cinched waists?

IMG_6796_Facetune_24-01-2019-18-17-39 IMG_6842_Facetune_21-01-2019-11-13-36

Check out Kate Hooray Osmond’s magic exhibit and lots more at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum. (above)

IMG_7350_Facetune_28-01-2019-18-34-12 IMG_6741_Facetune_06-02-2019-18-26-59 IMG_7390_Facetune_07-02-2019-16-40-28

Gone with the Glam

Pull out the cocktail clutch, and slap on some red lipstick.


The quickest way to get glam is to change up your usual make-up routine.  Add more liner, use different colors (the ones in your pallette that look brand new) and blend blend blend.


As I’ve said before, black tights are a super easy way to up the glam factor, and to hide winter white legs!


Keep it super simple in an LBD – go for a kitschy twist on the basic like this Eiffel Tower print!


Then accessorize with a red lip, statement necklace or earrings (or hair if you’re feeling extra spicy!) and super high heels


No matter what you wear, or where you go with whom, I hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Whether you’re single, dating, in a relationship, married, or married with kids; each time in your life will be memorable in its own way so don’t waste it fretting that you’re not at a different stage in life.  Just enjoy that YOU ARE LOVED.


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