Vermont Unfiltered

Just wanted to share a series of images from a roadside stop on our summer trip to Vermont.  Aside from the very first image which I lightened for instagram, all photos are unedited, exactly as taken.  This was near Whiting, VT.  We had just driven about 17 hours and then passed out in a cottage at Lake Bomoseen and were finally headed to my husband’s hometown of Bristol.
IMG_0577 copy IMG_0613 copy

Dress: Amazon Fashion

Sweater : Caution To The Wind via TJ Maxx

Sandals: Bamboo via Poshmark

Earrings: Nickel and Suede

IMG_0653 copy 2 IMG_0664 copy IMG_0646 copy IMG_0647 copy IMG_0631 copy IMG_0630 copy IMG_0585 copy
IMG_0672 copyIMG_0636 copy IMG_0559 copy IMG_0691 copy IMG_0602 copy IMG_0603 copy IMG_0643IMG_0656 copy IMG_0657 copy IMG_0571 copy IMG_0615 copy IMG_0614 copy IMG_0662 copyIMG_0632 copy IMG_0586 copy IMG_0682 copy IMG_0611 copy IMG_0610 copy IMG_0653 copy IMG_0575 copy IMG_0574 copy IMG_0590 copyIMG_0581 copy
IMG_0655 copy IMG_0654 copy IMG_0596 copy IMG_0693 copy IMG_0676 copy IMG_0642 copy IMG_0634 copy IMG_0580 copyIMG_0661 copy

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