Hello Autumn – My Friend Anna


& hello Friday! 🌸

I just wanted to share a quick book recommendation 📚 for any fellow memoir/true crime junkies.


You may have heard of the #FakeGermanHeiress ‘Anna Delvey’ who became something of an anti-hero to the Eat The Rich crowd. Hell, I’ll admit I myself thought “Hm, good for her…” upon hearing the bare bones of her story- how she tricked New York’s elite fashion crowd into thinking she was a European socialite.


My Friend Anna by Rachel Deloache Williams tells the true tale of the author’s experience as one of Anna’s closest friends…. THE friend, in fact, who caused the whole con to unravel.



Ms. Williams was so relatable I felt like I knew her, and I loved that it was her actual voice on the @audible version. Here’s hoping she’ll write (and narrate) more in the future.


Anyway- if stories about grifters pique your interest, you gotta give My Friend Anna a read, or a listen.

**This post is not sponsored in any way, I just LOVE a good true story! **

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